SOLIDWORKS plug-ins and content to enhance your SOLIDWORKS and PhotoView 360 experience

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What is PV360X?

Originally, PV360X was being developed as a single SOLIDWORKS add-in product that provided a new way to use PhotoView 360 (currently called Setup Render), as well as new content (materials/appearances, environments, backplates), and a new tool called html360.

Today, PV360X is still all these things, except we're offering the various pieces à la carte! We do intend to (eventually) offer a bundle of all the tools and all the content. But for now, it's Bon Appétit as our plug-ins and content come out of the oven.



PV360X Paint Pack

All new paint based PhotoView 360 appearances. Built from the ground up.



html360 is a SOLIDWORKS plug-in that allows you to easily create dynamic turntable-style animations of your designs that users can interact with in any web browser.

coming soon

Setup Render

A Fun, easy, and dedicated interface to set up your PhotoView 360 renders.

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